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In 2014 we founded “Eko Farm” and started with traditional geese breeding in their natural environment. Beside geese breeding and production we also started with production of geese pate. Special recipes were made by our top chefs and food technologists and first 100% natural geese pate was made. Best geese ingredients combined with finest flavors are also used in making of our unique geese salami. Our products have been recognized by top hotels, resorts and restaurants all over the Croatia. In the nearest future our goal is to put even more new products on the market which will be recognized by their top taste and quality.


One-day young geese of our production are available for purchase! They are of top quality, highly resistible and fast-growing. Door to door delivery available from February to June!

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Our products are available for purchase in eco-stores Grga Čvarak in Zagreb – Croatia. If you are interested in making your store offer more attractive, be free to contact us on info.ecofarm2014@gmail.com or GSM: 0038598 262 830. GEESE MEAT –SALAMI (300g & 600g) Rare gourmet delicates made of special selection of geese meat. GOOSE (4-6kg) Top French traditionally produced Maxi Sepalm goose represents our top offer. GOOSE MEAT&LIVER PATE (30g / 200g) Goose liver pate is a 100% natural product, which does not contain any additional preservatives and additives. It is made from specially selected parts of goose meat and liver and as such it represents ideal meal for all ages. GOOSE FAT Goose Fat, or as some cooks say, that old white magic, is a cooking fat rendered from the flesh of geese. Many people swear by the taste for cooking things in. Goose liver – (750-900g) Goose liver represents ultimate gastro specialty and its is well known delicates for gourmets and chefs around the globe.

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Recent products

Salama od guščjeg mesa (300g i 600g)

Vrlo rijetka gurmanska delicija, koja se proizvodi od posebno odabranih dijelova guščjeg mesa.

Guska (4 – 6kg)

Vrhunska francuska pasmina Maxi Sepalm uzgojena na tradicionalan način uz ispašu , vrh je ponuda u svijetu gusaka.Kraljica peradi u svojem najjačem izdanju

Pašteta od guščje jetre i mesa (200g i 30g )

Pašteta od guščjih jetrica 100% je prirodni proizvod, koji ne sadrži nikakve dodatne konzervanse i aditive. Rađena je od probranih guščjih jetrica i najkvalitetnijih dijelova guščjeg mesa. Kao takva idealna je za sve dobne skupine ljudi.

Guščja mast (200g – 400g)

O ljekovitosti guščje masti napisani su brojni tekstovi , ali jedna od najboljih stvari za pečenje je mast! A guščja mast – e to je priča za sebe.

Eko Farma 2014

Samo najbolje od guščjeg mesa

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